Our business opportunities provide for an allocation of stores within specific authorized licensed territories. We provide two distinct layouts and designs for retail licensees. Our Express locations provide both the Frostyogurt® frozen yogurt and Gelido® Gourmet Ice products in a small but very dynamic presentation suitable for operations in existing food service establishments, entertainment complexes, sporting arenas, airports, and just about anywhere crowds gather. The Express is designed to move high volumes of the proprietary frozen yogurt and gourmet ice products in a simplified menu offering that promotes speed of service with frozen dessert products designed to build repeat traffic.

Our Store location concepts feature an expanded menu offering and are ideal for shopping malls or free-standing facilities. Designed as a destination for individuals and families, the Frostyogurt®/Gelido® Store can be set up for either clerk assisted or self-service operations in an ambiance of upscale comfort.


As a result of the numerous inquiries from abroad, Frosty will continue to expand by launching store locations in India and South East Asia. The branded concepts abroad will operate under FrostYogurtBrand and we are on track to open several stores in 2014 under a franchising model. We are on target to open stores in India, UAE and Sri-Lanka. For international operations, like in US, every aspect of Frosty's will be standardized and tightly controlled. The menu at every store will be consistent of our yogurt flavors and toppings consistent and partly adapted to the respective countries.

Our stores and experience will be designed for efficiency, consistency, cleanliness and customer experience. Depending on the store size, owners will have the option of full service, self-serve or a combination of both. Stores will have five areas: kitchen, non-yogurt item counter full service area, self-serve yogurt and toppings station, service circle and seating area. Team members will wear uniform and follow outlined procedures for consistency and will highly focused on exceptional customer experience.

For questions about Licensee Arrangements, please contact:

Allen Bell,
Vice President Sales & Marketing
(734) 331-3020 ext. 304

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