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frozen yogurt mix products. These include:

  • Frostyogurt® Nonfat

  • Frostyogurt® Nonfat No Sugar Added

  • Frostyogurt® Lowfat Tart&Tangy

Shipped frozen
Packed with nine (1/2 gallon) plastic cartons per case
Case Weight 47.5 lbs.
Case Cube .9975 cu. ft.
Case Size 12 ½" x 12 ½" x 11"
Yield4.5 gallons per case
74 wt. oz. per ½ gallon
666 wt. oz. per case
Shelf Life Frozen 1 year from date of production
For use in soft serve machines


Specifically designed and formulated for the International Marketplace

Fostyogurt® International Blend
Shipped dry storage
Packed with 10 (2.2lb – 1.27Kg) foil pouches per case
Case Weight 30.25 lbs (13.72Kg)
Case Cube 1.16 cu ft (0.032765m3)
Case Size 15 ½" x 12" x 10 ½" (39.37cm x 30.48cm x 27.305cm)
Pallet Size 40" x 48" (101.6cm x 121.9cm)
Pallet Weight 2,176lbs. (987.02Kg)
Yield When mixed with water or milk
Each 1.27Kg pouch will yield 139.5wt oz of finished product
Multiplied by ten pouches per case equals 1,395 wt oz per case

Frostyogurt® Greek

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