Frosty marks it origins to 1976 when the company opened its first frozen yogurt retail location in Somerset Mall in Troy, Michigan. From this humble beginning, Frosty grew to include thirteen retail outlets located in major malls throughout Michigan, Ohio and Indiana.

In 1976 there was no frozen yogurt outlet anywhere in Michigan and through Alfred's, our company owned food and entertainment facility at Somerset Mall in Troy, we introduced soft serve frozen yogurt in a signature presentation on a Belgian waffle with fresh fruit toppings. Shortly thereafter, the success of the product formulations mandated that the company expand and we opened Harry's at nearby Oakland Mall. Over the next few years, the number of locations continued to grow due much in part to the success of our original Frostyogurt® formula that we still offer today.

By 1988, Frosty was determined to take the success of our proprietary products, Frostyogurt® and Classic Custard® out into the marketplace. It was a natural as the frozen dessert industry needed us. Frostyogurt® and Classic Custard® began being sold through food service distributors and dairy product suppliers to foodservice operations throughout the Midwest. The 1990's saw explosive growth of the product lines in a wide variety of foodservice locations from delis to retail grocery, from mom&pop seasonal ice cream stores to major department stores, from hospital cafeterias to office and plant cafeterias. Frostyogurt® and Classic Custard® had become the major dominant products found throughout the Midwest.

The clerk assisted frozen yogurt operations of the 80's and 90's were disappearing with only the very strong surviving. With a new interest in self-serve locations developing on both the west and east coasts of the United States, Frosty began preparing for the arrival of the concept to the Midwest. As it soon appeared, Frostyogurt was found in the very first self-serve operation in Birmingham, Michigan and the company saw a need for and opened a self-serve full-fledged training store to provide training and assistance to the many operators to be. Our company training store, Johnny's, is located in the Laurel Park Place mall in Livonia, Michigan, just a short distance from our offices and warehousing facilities. We offer Johnny's to both domestic and international customers of our product line.

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