Frosty Products

Our mix base consists of nearly fifty flavors. The delicious results that our easy formula produces, makes us famous. Adding a new flavor to our already existing proud line of flavors is just as simple as grabbing the next carton. This maximizes the offering of Frostyogurt® custom flavorings. Serving of a wide variety of flavors is easy by simply adding the custom flavoring to the vanilla or chocolate base.

Our product portfolio includes:
  • Frostyogurt® Nonfat frozen yogurt mix available in both vanilla and chocolate bases with dozens of additional flavors utilizing our custom flavorings.
  • Frostyogurt® Nonfat No Sugar Added frozen yogurt mix is available in a vanilla base and may be flavored with the industries widest selection of custom flavorings.
  • Frostyogurt®LowfatTart&Tangy Original Plain frozen yogurt mix meets the demand of customers who seek the original taste of yogurt in their choice. Our original formula from 1976, also may be flavored with any of the custom flavorings.
  • Frostyogurt® Greek Style frozen yogurt mix is a traditional greek style frozen yogurt mix with a wide variety of custom flavorings.
  • Frostyogurt International Blend frozen yogurt mix is our dry powder blend of ingredients for the production of a mildly tart and tangy frozen yogurt base product. With custom flavorings, just about any imaginable flavor is available.
  • Classic Custard® frozen custard mix is available is both a vanilla and a chocolate base and may be flavored utilizing custom flavorings. This award winning formula from the 1920's has remained a crowd pleaser for those seeking the very best in a soft serve dessert.
  • Frosty Certified Vegan soft serve mix is our proven formula containing zero dairy products and offers a truly amazing soft serve product for those customers who wish to avoid dairy products.
  • Gelido® Gourmet Ice, made from the finest fruits and fruit purees is the choice for those seeking a non-dairy offering. Available in more than a dozen flavors, the product is appropriate for use in batch freezers, soft-serve machines, and granite style products.
  • Frostyogurt® Smoothie & Shake mix is the ideal product for making both fruit smoothies and shake style creations utilizing a smoothie, shake or slush style machine.
  • Frosty Organic Soft Serve Mix is a super-premium 6% mix, made with 100% Organic Milk, Cream and Vanilla.

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